With over 15 years of experience, CICTE’s Cybersecurity Program is the regional leader in aiding the Organization of American States (OAS)’ member states to build technical and policy-level cybersecurity capacities. Its initiatives and activities aim to ensure an open, secure, and resilient cyberspace throughout the Western Hemisphere.




  • To support OAS’ member states in building technical and policy capacities to successfully prevent, identify, respond to, and recover from cyber incidents.
  • Enhance robust, effective, and timely information sharing, cooperation, and coordination among cybersecurity stakeholders at the national, regional, and international level.
  • Boost access to knowledge and information on cyber threats and risks by public, private and civil society stakeholders as well as Internet users.


With the advent of the Internet and its extensive use over the past decade in the region, came new threats and ways of committing crimes. In order to support member states in their fight against cyber crime, the Organization, through the Inter-American Committee against Terrorism (CICTE) and the Cyber Security Program, is committed to developing and furthering the cyber security agenda in the Americas. Cooperating with a wide range of national and regional entities from the public and private sectors on both policy and technical issues, the OAS seeks to build and strengthen cyber-security capacity in the member states through technical assistance and training, policy roundtables, crisis management exercises, and the exchange of best practices related to information and communication technologies.


  • 17 National Cybersecurity Strategies (NCS) developed in Latin America and the Caribbean
  • 2 regional reports published on the level of cybersecurity capacity of OAS Member States
  • Over 2000 women trained in cyber exercises and more than 600 young students have benefitted from digital security training to enter the field of cybersecurity
  • 15,000+ citizens and public and private officials trained in cyber operations, cybersecurity, and diplomacy, cybersecurity leadership and international cybersecurity regulations
  • +20 publications launched on regional issues pertaining cybersecurity such as critical infrastructure, cybersecurity education and workforce development, digital security, online gender violence,  data classification, among other


The Cybersecurity Program’s regional efforts are multi-faceted and focus on (I) policy development, (II) capacity building (including training and exercises), and (III) research and outreach.

  • I. Policy Development:

    The Program assists OAS member states in developing national cybersecurity strategies that involve all relevant stakeholders and are tailored to each nation’s legislative, cultural, economic, and structural situation.

  • II. Capacity Building:

    The Program helps to establish national computer security incident response teams (CSIRTs) and provides tailored technical assistance and training opportunities to strengthen national institutions and organizations. Additionally, it has the CSIRT Americas network, which provides threat intelligence and timely cybersecurity information among 29 CSIRTs from 20 OAS Member states.

  • III. Research and Awareness Raising:

    The Program develops technical documents, toolkits, and reports to guide policymakers, CSIRTs, infrastructure operators, private organizations, and civil society by highlighting current developments and identifying key cybersecurity issues and challenges in the region.

The Inter-American Committee Against Terrorism (CICTE)  holds an annual meeting for the working group on cooperation and confidence-building measures in cyberspace.


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