Global Partners Digital (GPD)

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Group: GFCE Partner

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Global Partners Digital (GPD) is a social purpose company dedicated to fostering a digital environment underpinned by human rights and democratic values. Since 2014, GPD has been committed to promoting a vision of cyberspace that is secure, as well as free and open, by focusing on two key aims: fostering an enabling environment for human rights-respecting cyber laws and policies; and making policy processes themselves open, inclusive and transparent. To achieve this, GPD employs a range of connected approaches, working alongside partners in Africa, Asia, and Latin America to build civil society capacity, engage directly with policymakers, shape policy debates, forge connections between stakeholder groups, and make cybersecurity-related issues more widely accessible. Over the years, as part of our Cyber Capacity Building (CCB) Programme and working with local partners, we have contributed to the development of national cybersecurity strategies in Ghana, Chile, and Mexico, amending cybercrime legislation in Kenya, developing cybersecurity policy in Indonesia, and helping facilitate civil society engagement at the OAS, the ITU, the London Process, and the GFCE itself.GPD has been closely involved in the GFCE since its launch in 2015 – primarily through the GFCE Advisory Board, as well as through various GFCE initiatives and other activities that form part of our CCB Programme.