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27 Sep, 2020

Kathmandu, Nepal

Asia Pacific Regional Internet Governance Forum (APrIGF) 2020

Asia Pacific Regional Internet Governance Forum (APrIGF) serves as a platform for discussion, exchange and collaboration at the regional level, and also where possible, to aggregate national IGF discussions, ultimately to advance the development of Internet Governance in the Asia-Pacific region. The first APrIGF was convened in Hong Kong SAR, China, with the objectives of raising awareness and encouraging participation from relevant stakeholders around the region on Internet governance issues, as well as fostering multi-lateral, multi-stakeholder discussions about issues pertinent to the Internet in the region. APrIGF is a mature forum that has already convened 10 annual events. It’s 10th edition was organized in the city of Vladivostok, Russia, from 16 to 19 April 2019.

27 Sep, 2020

Lisbon, Portugal

15th International Conference on Internet Monitoring and Protection ICIMP 2020

Onsite and Online Options: In order to accommodate a large number of situations, we are offering the option for either physical presence or virtual participation.

28 Sep, 2020


Cybersec Global 2020

From the very beginning of humankind history, with each new innovation also came new perils. Every technology, next to its primary goal of improving the well-being of societies, also has another side, enabling the adversarial and malicious activities. So does one of the greatest inventions of the last century that completely transformed our lives – the Internet, the supreme example of digital technologies which in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic are now rapidly moving us to the new fully digital world – our so-called new normal.

The new digital world should be therefore created with responsibility and the willingness to learn and develop a common understanding of what it takes to keep using a given technology for good. The next edition of the CYBEREC Forum, with its leitmotif Together Against Adversarial Internet, will be a platform to discuss the way forward in building cybersecurity in the new digital reality. Together, as a CYBERSEC community, we can prove that 2020 will also be a year when cybersecurity becomes a key priority on the political and strategic agendas of organisations and countries.

5 October - 5 December 2020


Online course on cybersecurity

Online course in Cybersecurity covers technological and geopolitical risks, policy challenges, actors, and initiatives related to cybersecurity, especially those related to cybercrime, violence, child protection, the security of core infrastructure, and cyberwarfare. It also covers a broader context: the relations of cybersecurity with economic development and human rights. This highly interactive 10-week online course is based on in-depth discussions led by renown and experienced practitioners in the field. The unique multidisciplinary approach (covering technology, crime and legal aspects, international relations and diplomacy, national policy frameworks, and social and economic aspects) offers a holistic mapping of the burning issues, and a broader view of the impacts of cybersecurity, including current policy and governance responses.

8 Oct, 2020

Bratislava, Slovakia

GLOBSEC 2020 Bratislava Forum

13 Oct, 2020

The Hague, Netherlands

Europol-APWG Symposium on Global Cybersecurity Awareness


Awareness V Den Haag will be organised in collaboration with Europol, the official host of the event at its headquarters in The Hague, Netherlands. The symposium will provide a platform to present and discuss the best practices for cybersecurity awareness campaign deployment at national and transnational levels. The event will also spotlight research in behavioral factors that contribute to cybercrime’s success and suggest ways to mitigate cybercrime by giving people the skills and knowledge to better protect themselves.

The symposium aims to identify successful strategies for cybersecurity awareness campaign as well as messaging strategies as fundamental components of cybercrime prevention. Awareness V will present best-of-class resources for deployment of national and globalised cybersecurity awareness campaigns – resources that delegates can use today.

Europol, STOP. THINK. CONNECT, APWG.EU, and its correspondents worldwide are organising the largest global cybercrime prevention effort, unifying and advocating the development of effective awareness programs. For the first time, the event will provide a common discussion framework with law enforcement participation.

14 Oct, 2020

New Delhi, India

CyFy 2020

17 Oct, 2020

Onlline, Germany


Online only

22 Oct, 2020

Lisbon, Portugal

ENISA Annual Privacy Forum

The value of personal data in the online world has significantly increased over the last years as electronic products, services and processes have permeated every fold of everyday life. Limitations in the transparency, the functionality and interconnectivity of online and communication services increases the risk of having personal data processed out of control of any accountable person or organization or simply becoming exposed to all sorts of privacy threats.

The EU legal framework on personal data protection is key in an effort to better control the processing of personal data while ensuring an adequate level of protection. Even the best legislative efforts cannot keep up to speed with the pace of innovative technology and business models that challenge the way personal data is processed and privacy is protected across the EU and beyond; therefore, examining what is at stake and where threats thereto originate from becomes of paramount importance.

Against this background, ENISA, DG CONNECT and the Católica University of Portugal, Lisbon School of Law are organizing the Annual Privacy Forum (APF) 2020.

Due to the evolving COVID-19 situation, the organizers have unanimously decided to postpone the organization of the APF for October 2020.

The exact dates will be communicated in due time, once the organizers have more information on how the overall situation evolves.

22 Oct, 2020


Chatham House Cyber 2020 – Opportunities and challenges in a new decade

For cyberspace, the last decade has been one marked by rapid technological development, extensive global growth, and its ever-greater importance as part of our everyday lives. The coming decade looks to be equally significant, with the increased territorialisation of cyberspace, emerging technologies such as 5G and AI, and both the more immediate and longer term impacts of COVID-19, all already having a profound impact on the international cyber security and governance landscape.

As Chatham House celebrates its centenary year, Cyber 2020 will explore the key developments in cyberspace that will likely shape the coming decade.

What impact are new technologies and innovations having on conversations around cyber governance and security?
How are cybercriminals utilising new technologies to conduct ever more sophisticated attacks?
In what different ways has COVID-19 impacted the international cybersecurity landscape?
As technology enables increasingly sophisticated data to be collected on the individual, how can we ensure its effective regulation and security?
How are different regional players shaping conversations around cyber security and governance?
How can different actors work together to create an effective and inclusive common framework(s) for international cyber governance?