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27th January 2022


Report Launch “Putting Cyber Norms in Practice: Implementing the UN GGE 2015 recommendations through national strategies and policies”

3:00PM CET / 2:00PM UTC

The Global Forum on Cyber Expertise (GFCE) is pleased to launch the report “Putting Cyber Norms in Practice: Implementing the UN GGE 2015 recommendations through national strategies and policies". The report was written by Mika Kerttunen and Eneken Tikk, and was commissioned through the GFCE Global CCB Research Agenda mechanism.

The event will feature a presentation of findings, a panel discussion as well as a Q&A with the audience.

An advance copy of the report can be found here:

1 February 2022


Report Launch “Cyber Incident Management in Low-Income Countries”

As part of the GFCE Research Webinar Series, this session will present the findings of the report "Cyber Incident Management in Low-Income Countries", GFCE Working Group B Task Force Leads and CCB researchers will provide their input on understanding the value of proactive communication assisting CERT/CSIRTs, governments, organizations and decision makers to better understand the importance of, and plan for, proactive incident management communications.

31 January - 15 February 2022


International Cyber Crisis Management Regional Workshop Series

How could regional cyber crisis measures be triggered? What are the most relevant and pressing region-specific vulnerabilities and threats? To stimulate the sharing of different views and experiences on how to strengthen peace and stability in cyberspace from the regional level, the international/strategic implications of cyber crises and their management at the regional and multilateral levels, UNIDIR in partnership with regional organizations will co-host a series of half-day regional workshops.

This workshop will cover: the relationship between the technical and political crisis management necessary in the cyber realm; cybersecurity efforts of Member States including through the implementation of norms and Member States’ expectations on the role of the UN in how regional organizations address cyber insecurity and prevent and manage cyber crisis.

• Workshop 1: European Union (31 January 2022, 09:00-12:30 CET)

• Workshop 2: African Union (2 February 2022, 09:00-12:30 CET)

• Workshop 3: Organization of American States (15 February 2022, 09:30-13:00 EST)

Please note that this event is by invitation only. For further information please contact

22 Feb, 2022


The Collective Approach to Sectorial Cybersecurity Challenges

The first cybersecurity conference in Africa and Arab region focused on collaborative cybersecurity and incident response.

Cybersecurity via collaborative and sectorial leadership is a winning strategy. Collaborative approach provides organisations with improved coordination and better sectorial incident handling due to specific sectorial context available. It also enables early warning signalling across the sector and attaining threat intelligence international communities.

This virtual conference will focus on collaborative cybersecurity approach - why it is important for financial sector organisations and what are the tactics for fostering it. One of the key presentation will be a case study - a real example on enhancing sectorial cybersecurity resilience. Also, you will hear what the benefits are of being a part of an international cybersecurity community and the true value of establishing a CSIRT or a SOC.

Agenda and registration link of the conference will follow soon. The conference is free of charge.

2nd - 3rd March 2022


2022 TF-CSIRT Meeting & FIRST Regional Symposium Europe

The 2022 TF-CSIRT Meeting & FIRST Regional Symposium Europe will be held online March 2nd- 3rd, 2022. Co-organized with GEANT.

You can find the detailed Agenda here:

And the registration link here:

10-12 May 2022


e-Governance Conference

6 - 8 June 2022

Atlanta and Online, United States

Demystifying Cybersecurity: Integrated Approaches to Developing Career Pathways

This year’s theme inspires presentations that take a holistic view of cybersecurity risks that considers the dimensions of people, process, and technology and includes a comprehensive approach to the development of career pathway systems that address the lifecycle of a learner from early education through a life-long career in cybersecurity.

NICE Conference & Expo: Demystifying Cybersecurity will take place at the Westin Peachtree Plaza in Atlanta, GA. To ensure the comfort and well-being of our attendees, proper safety guidelines will be implemented as well as providing an option for guests to attend the conference virtually.

26 Jun, 2022

Tel Aviv, Israel

Cyber Week 2022

Cyber Week is a large annual international cybersecurity event, hosted each year at Tel Aviv University in Israel. Over the last decade, Cyber Week has become internationally acclaimed as one of the top cybersecurity events in the world.

26th June - 1st July 2022

Convention Centre Dublin, Ireland

34th Annual FIRST Conference

The FIRST annual conference promotes worldwide coordination and cooperation among computer security and incident response teams (CSIRTs). The conference provides a forum for sharing goals, ideas, and information on how to improve computer security on a global scale. This year’s annual conference is scheduled to take place in-person with limited virtual components, June 26 through July 1, 2022 at the Convention Centre Dublin, in Dublin, Ireland.