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21-24 November, 2022

Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Cyberdrill for Americans Region 2022 – Establishing cybersecurity response capabilities

The ITU Cyber drill is an event of ITU’s Telecommunication Development Sector (ITU-D). The purpose of the Cyberdrill is to enhance the communication and incident response capabilities of the participating teams as well as to ensure a continued collective effort in mitigating cyber threats among the region's national Computer Incident Response Teams. The Cyberdrill exercise is structured around various scenarios involving the most common types of cyberattacks while the sharing sessions, and provides a platform for cooperation and discussions on cybersecurity.

The 10th America Cyberdrill - Honduras 2022 takes place from 21 to 24 November 2022 at the kind invitation of CONATEL of Honduras and with the cooperation of COMTELCA as coorganizer. The event is meant for governments, institutions, and/or national CIRTs/CERTs to participate with technicians on cybersecurity and representatives at the manager level.

22-24 November, 2022

Brussels, Belgium

The Role of the EU Cyber Ecosystem in the Global Cyber Security Stability

The European Security and Defence College, together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of The Netherlands, and in cooperation with the Enhancing Security Cooperation in and with Asia (ESIWA1) project, invites officials from the EU Member States, relevant EU institutions and agencies, and representatives from the following Indo-Pacific countries - India, Indonesia, Japan, Republic of Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam - to participate in the training course “The Role of the EU Cyber Ecosystem in Global Cybersecurity Stability”.

The aim of this course is to provide a better understanding of the EU cybersecurity ecosystem and outline its key policies, regulations and instruments. The course will also present the role of the EU cybersecurity ecosystem in strengthening global security, stability, building trust and facilitating cooperation between nations.

22 Nov, 2022

Hybrid, United Kingdom

Strengthening Cyber Resilience Conference

Around the world, more and more countries are harnessing digital transformation to contribute to national sustainable development goals and outcomes. There is increased recognition of the need to integrate cybersecurity considerations into the digital development agenda, to reduce the risks from the misuse of digital technologies and harness the opportunities of thriving, open societies powered by trusted technologies and a free, open, peaceful and secure cyberspace.

Against this backdrop, Chatham House is bringing together key stakeholders, practitioners, experts and decision-makers for a hybrid conference, learning from the experience of the UK’s largest-ever overseas cyber capacity-building project, the Digital Access Programme, implemented in Brazil, Kenya, Indonesia, Nigeria and South Africa.

The conference is a platform for sharing experience and knowledge about how international cybersecurity capacity building can support national sustainable development and cybersecurity outcomes, and the role of international partnerships.

22 Nov, 2022

Hybrid, Italy

Cyber Peace: Cooperating for the Stability and Security of the Cyber domain

In an era of technological interdependence, international cooperation is taking new and multifaceted forms to ensure sustainable transnational governance of the cyber domain. Cyber Diplomacy is emerging as a new diplomatic practice, involving non-traditional sets of actors called to negotiate international agreements, but also technical protocols and forms of governance accountability.

The event, organised as part of the Global PeaceTech Conference 2022, addresses the challenges and opportunities of Cyber Diplomacy as a new diplomatic practice and explores the challenges and opportunities of this shift for the peace and stability of the transnational digital domain.

18-19 November, 2022

Mellieha & Valletta, Malta

Summit on Digital Diplomacy and Governance

The Summit on Digital Diplomacy and Governance, organised by DiploFoundation in cooperation with Malta’s Ministry for Foreign and European Affairs and Trade and the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, will look ahead at the future of diplomacy by reflecting on the past decades, marked by the use of technology in and for diplomacy.

Diplomats, academics, technologists, and NGO representatives will discuss digital diplomacy and governance, AI, e-commerce, cybersecurity, and other issues that shape our digital future, as well as policy processes including ongoing negotiations on the proposed Global Digital Compact.

Strategic foresight will be combined with practical insights on how to navigate the fast-changing digital geopolitics, how to negotiate new digital topics on the diplomatic agenda, and how to use new tools in diplomacy from social media, data, to AI and the metaverse.

17-18 November, 2022

Washington, United States

LATAM CISO Summit 2022

The Cybersecurity Network of the Americas is hosting its Annual Summit on November 17-18, 2002. Over two days, the Center for Cybersecurity Policy & Law (CCPL) will bring together the most relevant cybersecurity leaders of the Latin American and Caribbean to discuss the most critical and challenging threats and trends in the digital world. LATAM CISO Summit is the place where you will be able to build an exceptional network of collaboration and partnerships.

14-17 November, 2022

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (the)

CyberWeek @LAC4 2022

The Latin America and Caribbean Cyber Competence Centre LAC4, implemented by EU CyberNet, organises a week full of different discussions, training, workshops, and networking on the most important topics that will take place in cooperation with many countries and organizations.

15-16 November, 2022

Brussels, Belgium

ICANN DNS Symposium (IDS 2022)

The theme for IDS 2022 is "Examining the effects of both centralization and diversification in the DNS." ICANN invites speakers to present topics on centralization and diversification in the DNS. Presentations could include measurements and fact-based predictions, and discussions about risk mitigation and scalability in relation to either greater or lesser centralization, greater or lesser diversity, or both.

Adjacent to the ICANN DNS Symposium, IANA will be holding a half-day workshop focused on key technical evolution projects within IANA relating to the DNS. Topics will include a discussion of how to perform a DNSSEC algorithm rollover for the DNS root zone, and reviewing and updating the TLD technical requirements for root zone changes. TLD managers, DNS experts, and other interested parties are encouraged to attend.

14 Nov, 2022

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (the)

GFCE LAC Regional Meeting 2022

This event is being co-organized by the Secretariat of the Global Forum on Cyber Expertise (GFCE), Latin American and Caribbean Cyber Competence Center (LAC4), EU CyberNet Project and the CICTE Secretariat.

The objective of this year’s regional meeting is to discuss the role of the GFCE in Latin America and the Caribbean and how to best coordinate capacity building efforts in the region. 

11 - 12 November 2022

Paris, France

Paris Peace Forum

The Paris Peace Forum is held every November in Paris with the aim to place global governance at the top of the international agenda. Stakeholders discuss global governance issues and cooperate on solutions through three spaces:
- Space for Solutions: Presenting solutions for incremental change. All organizations can present their global governance project to a wide variety of stakeholders to showcase results and advance the initiative.
- Space for Debates: Discussing solutions rather than problems. Stakeholders discuss projects, initiatives, and ideas to address the challenges of our world.
- Space for Innovations: Developing digital prototypes. Experts help create technological solutions for the world of tomorrow.

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