OAS/CCI/CTO – Strengthening Cyber Security in the Caribbean

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This project enabled the OAS to provide Jamaica, Dominica and Trinidad & Tobago with technical advice on their national cyber security frameworks and coordination mechanisms.  Dominica established a cyber security task force, drafted a national cyber security strategy and joined STOP.THINK.CONNECT WG-D TF Public Awareness campaign and drew up a plan for a national incident response capability. Jamaica restructured its cyber security task force, drafted and approved a national cyber security strategy (launched on 28 January 2015), joined STOP.THINK.CONNECT and began the process of establishing a national incident response capability, which was launched in January 2016. In Trinidad & Tobago, the OAS helped develop plans for a National Cyber Security Agency, which would replace the Inter‐Ministerial Committee (IMC) for Cybersecurity  and advised on the hiring of the first CSIRT manager to work under the CSA. The Ministry of National security approved a Cyber Security Education and Awareness Strategy.  An MOU with STOP.THINK.CONNECT was drafted.  After the project OAS invited Jamaica and Trinidad CSIRTs to join the LAC online CSIRT network platform

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