This Project will aim to reduce the full range of threats to Canada from overseas, while at the same time promoting an open, secure and resilient cyberspace through international cooperation based on institutional structures established as a result of the implementation of National Cybersecurity Strategies and greater participation in the dialogue on international norms in cyberspace.  As of 2018, eleven of the OAS member states have approved national cybersecurity strategies with the aim of improving their national posture to address cyber threats.

In addition, this project will continue promoting capacity building through training initiates tailored to member states’ needs, as well as work to improve incident response, information sharing and technical collaboration within the region and with other key international partners.

Finally, only by understanding the impact of cyber incidents and the state of cybersecurity, it is possible to employ effective measures to respond to and recover from cyber-attacks. Bearing this in mind, the OAS/CICTE Cybersecurity Program will continue producing research and literature focused on Latin America and the Caribbean to better inform cybersecurity policymaking in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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