Since 2016, Singapore MFA and the US Department of State in partnership with CSA have been organising the TCTP Workshop on Cybersecurity. This annual Workshop aims to complement existing ASEAN initiatives and provide a platform for sharing best practices – both national and regional – on cybersecurity development.


Since 2016, CSA and the US State Department have co-organized five iterations of the TCTP Workshop on Cybersecurity. The workshops covered topics such as the development of national cybersecurity strategies, incident management frameworks and public outreach campaigns, as well as the framework for responsible state behaviour in cyberspace.
• 2016
• August 14 – 17 2017 – Singapore
• August 13-16 2018 – Singapore
• August 13 – 16 2019 – Singapore
• October 26 – 27 and November 2 – 3 2020 – Online


  • Event: US Singapore Third Country Training Program (February 19 – 23, 2024) – in Singapore

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