The ITU will hold its 10th regional Cyberdrill for the America region in November 2022.



The ITU Regional Cyberdrills are annual events whose purpose is:

  • Enhancing cybersecurity capacity and capabilities through regional collaborations and cooperation;
  • Enhancing the awareness and the capability of countries to participate and to contribute to the development and deployment of a strategy for defeating a cyber threat; and
  • Strengthening international cooperation between Member States to ensure continued collective efforts against cyber threats.


The ITU has held regional Cyberdrills in the America region since 2013 in the following host countries:

  • 1st (2013) – Montevideo, Uruguay between 26 and 28 August;
  • 2nd (2014) – Lima, Perú between 8 and 10 September;
  • 3rd (2015) – Bogota, Colombia between 3 and 5 August;
  • 4th (2016) – Quito, Ecuador between 27 June and 1 July;
  • (2017) – Paramaribo, Suriname between 3 and 7 July;
  • 5th (2017) – Montevideo, Uruguay between 26 and 28 September;
  • 6th (2018) – La Plata, Argentina between 4 and 8 July;
  • 7th (2019) – Neuquen, Argentina between 4 and 8 November (not implemented);
  • 8th (2020) – Online Global Cyberdrill and interregional discussions;
  • 9th (2021) – Online Global Cyberdrill and interregional discussions;
  • The 10th America regional Cyberdrill will occur in November 2022 in Honduras.


The main activity of the project was the holding a regional Cyberdrill in November 2022.

The structure of a typical regional Cyberdrill is as follows:

  • Day 1 and 2 are dedicated to capacity building sessions, or other themes, such as COP-related workshop etc.;
  • Day 3 is the conference day which includes presentations and panel discussions on current issues, latest assessments, and current trends in cybersecurity threats.
  • Days 4 and 5 are structured around different scenarios, which involve several incidents covering the most common types of attacks. The attack details are provided by the ITU experts to the participants through the Cyber Range platform. The participants are requested to perform their investigations and analysis on the incident and will come out with the mitigation. Through these exercises, participants are able to validate policies, plans, procedures, processes, and capabilities that enable preparation, prevention, response, recovery, and continuity of operations.


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