Cybersecurity Fundamentals Training for Government Employees

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This one-hour training is geared toward government employees of any nation. It covers cybersecurity basics, threats, online safety, protecting government information, and mobile device security. The ancillary materials listed below provide a guide for deploying the training, quiz questions for each section, a quiz answer key, a job aid to use after the training, and a summary overview document.

  1. Key Takeaways document (LINK): to be used as a job aid to help class participants review what they learned in the class.
  2. How to Deploy Cybersecurity Fundamentals (LINK): a guide for how to set up the class.
  3. IT Contact Job Aid Template (LINK): to be used as a job aid to assist participants in applying principles taught in the class.
  4. Google Forms Quiz instructions (LINK): to show how organizers can post the quiz to Google Docs.
  5. Quiz (LINK): includes questions for each section with answers in bold, the class organizer must physically alter or otherwise recreate the quiz to use it.