Smart Citizens Cyber Resilience: Enhancing the resilience of citizens in smart digital futures

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Cybil code: G0515

Status: Finished

From: Jan 2020

To: Mar 2021

Target audience: Civil Society






This project aims to enhance the cyber resilience of the civil society in Macau, Asia Pacific and around the world.

Cyber resilience has largely been framed from the perspectives of nation-states, governments, and the private sector. This framing neglects the role of civil society stakeholders. Further, national security frameworks, as well as resilience management frameworks have focused on building the security and resilience of critical infrastructures, information systems, critical sectors, and for-profit organizations. Such a focus makes it difficult to operationalize cyber resilience into relevant instruments and modalities for engagement and participation of civil society stakeholders as active resilience agents in anticipating and responding to adverse cyber events.

This project aims to review cyber resilience strategies of countries in Asia Pacific; develop a civil society-centered cyber resilience management model, and operationalize the model through tools (e.g., risk assessment tools) and capacity building in partnership with civil society and government stakeholders.

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