Science and Technology Development Fund of Macau (FDCT)


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The Science and Technology Development Fund (FDCT) is instituted according to the Administrative Regulation No. 14/2004 of the Macao Special Administrative Region and subject to the supervision of the Chief Executive. The objectives of the FDCT are to correspond with the aims of technology strategy in the Macao Special Administrative Region, to provide funding for related education, research and project development. To align with these objectives, the following projects are eligible for funding application:

1. Projects which will facilitate the prevailing development of science and technology;

2. Projects which will assist enterprises enhance their productivity and competitiveness;

3. Innovative projects which will speed up industrial development

4. Projects which will cultivate a culture and development favorable for scientific and technological innovation and development;

5. Technology transfer projects which are prioritized to drive the economic development of the community;

6. Patent application.