Central African Backbone – DRC

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Cybil code: G0837

Status: Finished

From: Jan 2014

To: Dec 2021






The aim of subcomponent C(ii) of the World Bank project P132821 was to promote and strengthen network integrity and cyber-security and to prepare bidding documents for the purchase of network integrity and cyber-security equipment in the Democratic Republic of Congo.


The objective of the Central African Backbone (CAB) Program Communications and Infrastructure Technology Adaptable Program Loan (APL) Project is to contribute to increased geographical reach and usage of regional broadband network services and reduce their prices. The first component of the project supports the enabling environment. This component will finance various activities in the form of technical assistance (TA), training and equipments in order to: (i) modernize the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) policy, legal, and regulatory environment; (ii) strengthen key public institutions; and (iii) promote a pro-competitive environment and restructure of Incumbent operators.

There have been five projects under the CAB Program:


The project’s cybersecurity related activities included:

  • A network integrity and cybersecurity preparatory study (budget: $500,000).
  • Network integrity and cybersecurity equipment (budget: $1.5m)


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