Central African Backbone – Congo

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Cybil code: G0836

Status: Finished

From: Jan 2011

To: Dec 2019







The project assisted the Republic of Congo in developing legislation on cybersecurity, cybercrime and ICT that was passed between 2016 and 2020. It was part of a larger programme to increase the geographical reach and usage of regional broadband network services and reduce their prices in Central Africa.



The aim of subcomponent 3(i) of the World Bank’s project P122398 was to assist the Republic of Congo in developing cybercrime legislation.


The objective of the Central African Backbone (CAB) Program Communications and Infrastructure Technology Adaptable Program Loan (APL) Project is to contribute to increased geographical reach and usage of regional broadband network services and reduce their prices. The first component of the project supports the enabling environment. This component will finance various activities in the form of technical assistance (TA), training and equipments in order to: (i) modernize the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) policy, legal, and regulatory environment; (ii) strengthen key public institutions; and (iii) promote a pro-competitive environment and restructure of Incumbent operators.

There have been five projects under the CAB Program:


Reinforcement of the legal and regulatory cybersecurity framework. The following laws were adopted by Parliament:

  • Loi relative à la Cybersécurité (no. 26-2020)
  • Loi portant lutte contre la Cybercriminalité (no. 27-2020)
  • Loi relative aux transactions électroniques (no. 35-2016)
  • Loi portant création de l’Agence Nationale de Sécurité des Systèmes d’ Information (no. 30-2019)
  • Loi portant Protection des données à caractère personnel (no. 29-2019)


Technical assistance for the review, improvement, and development of information laws, ‘cyber’ legal, and institutional framework, including with respect to cybersecurity, cybercrimes, privacy, promotion of the ICT sector, and support to the national entities in charge of ICT. The budgeted cost of this activity was $600,000, half of which would be covered by the government of the Republic of Congo.


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