ECOWAS Regional Hackathon

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The Regional Hackathon is an initiative part of the wider ECOWAS Cybersecurity Agenda to address cybersecurity and cybercrime challenges in West Africa. The Hackathon’s primary objective is to spotlight the region’s talented youth and to provide support in the technology sector, ultimately contributing to development of a robust cyber workforce in the region.


The hackathon initiative strongly aligns with the Commission’s dedication to reinforcing cybersecurity throughout the ECOWAS region.


This initiative aims to promote inclusivity and regional collaboration in the fight against cybercrime while focusing on youth engagement, skill development, talent identification, and talent retention in the region. It also aims to strengthen cybersecurity within the region. 


  • Forty two (42) Students, cybersecurity enthusiasts and professionals within the age group of 18-35 from ten (10) Member States and the Islamic Republic of Mauritania, have converged in Lome the capital city of the Republic of Togo to participate in the 2023 Hackathon competition, which lasted for 48 hours. More here.

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