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21 Sep 2023

London (Online), United Kingdom

Integrating gender into cybercrime capacity-building

This research event and roundtable aims to provide capacity-builders with the tools to integrate gender considerations into cybercrime capacity-building programmes and activities.

Built around four of the five pillars of Chatham House’s Strategic Approach to Countering Cybercrime (SACC) framework, this toolkit sets out proactive and actionable steps designed to ensure the gender-sensitive design and implementation of a wide range of cybercrime capacity-building activities.

Bringing together experts to discuss the importance of gender perspectives in understanding cybercrime and the value of gender sensitivity in cybercrime capacity building, this session will also launch Chatham House’s integrating gender in cybercrime capacity-building toolkit.

Themes & Topics

28 Mar, 2023


#MyCybHERStory Webinar

International Women’s Day provided an opportunity to reflect on the significant barriers remaining to women’s empowerment in cybersecurity, as women account for only 24% of the global cybersecurity workforce. The Cybersecurity Tech Accord and signatory companies believe it is imperative that the industry takes action to help women enter and advance in the field.

The Cybersecurity Tech Accord invites to the interactive career webinar #MyCybHERStory – exploring cybersecurity careers for women and girls with industry leaders, where women leaders from its community of signatories from across the tech industry will share their experiences with women and girls interested in pursuing a cyber career. Join to hear from our industry leaders about their respective career paths and learn how they chose the right path and concentration according to their skillset and interests. The latest cybersecurity trends and the important role women can play within the cybersecurity community will also be discussed.

30-31 January, 2023

Strasbourg, France

International Conference on Xenophobia and Racism committed through computer systems

The Council of Europe, through its Cybercrime Programme Office (C-PROC), with support from the Octopus Project and in cooperation with the Icelandic Presidency of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe, is organising an international conference on xenophobia and racism committed via computer systems.

The event will take place between 30-31 January 2023 in Strasbourg, France, where experts from public and private sectors as well as international and non-governmental organisations from different regions of the world will gather.

The international conference is organised within the framework of the 20th anniversary of the First Protocol to the Convention on Cybercrime, that was opened for signature on 28 January 2003 in order to address this type of offences.

10 Jan, 2023

Vienna, Austria

Gender mainstreaming the proposed cybercrime convention: Commentary on the consolidated draft

Since the first session of the Ad Hoc Committee to Elaborate a Comprehensive International Convention on Countering the Use of Information and Communications Technologies for Criminal Purposes (AHC), member states have made notable progress on incorporating gender and gender equality. Member states have moved from several general initial commitments to women’s participation in treaty negotiations to some states providing more nuanced considerations of gendered dimensions of cybercrime and the importance of gender mainstreaming.

However, while some member states have made considerable progress on advocating for gender considerations in the convention, more remains to be done, especially with regards to: ensuring gender equality pertains to the entire convention; recognizing the rights of people of diverse gender identities, expressions and sexualities; and recognizing the essentiality of the right to privacy to gender and sexual equality.

Held under the fourth negotiation of the AHC, this meeting will bring together policymakers and civil society to discuss the gendered impacts (implicit and explicit) of the current negotiating document.

10-11 November, 2022

Costa Rica

International Conference on Promoting the role of women in preventing, investigating and prosecuting cybercrime

The International conference on promoting the role of women in preventing, investigating and prosecuting cybercrime is expected to build on the experiences gained through the capacity building activities implemented by the Council of Europe Cybercrime Programme Office as well as existing research by the Council of Europe and other stakeholders by contributing to:
• Showcasing women’s roles as criminal justice practitioners combatting cybercrime;
• Sharing experiences among participants of building women’s capacity to engage actively in the criminal justice response to cybercrime;
• Preventing cybercrime against women and ensuring women can access effective remedies when they become victims of cybercrime;
• Identifying how to further promote women’s role in the global fight against cybercrime.

25 Oct, 2022


Making Cybersecurity and Data Protection work better for Women in Africa

A discussion on gender and cybersecurity and data protection policy in Africa, convened in partnership with AUDA-NEPAD and the Network of African Women in Cybersecurity, on 25 October 2022.

The webinar aims to gather policymakers, researchers, civil servants and civil society stakeholders to:
• Create opportunities to reflect on the opportunities and challenges for advancing cybersecurity and related policies in Africa, including through the lens of gender.
• Discuss the role of domestic and continental policy processes, such as the Malabo Convention, in Africa’s social, political or economic development.
• Raise awareness of emerging institutions such as the NAWC in advancing cybersecurity in Africa.

29 - 30 November 2023

Accra, Ghana

Global Conference on Cyber Capacity Building (GC3B) 2023: “Cyber Resilience for Development”

The inaugural Global Conference on Cyber Capacity Building (#GC3B), co-organized by the Global Forum on Cyber Expertise (GFCE), the World Bank (WB), the CyberPeace Institute, and the World Economic Forum (WEF), will take place in Accra (Ghana) on the 29th-30th November 2023 under the theme “Cyber Resilience for Development.”

Built upon four pillars – (1) Cyber Resilience for Development; (2) Collaboration to Secure the Digital Ecosystem; (3) Cyber Capacity Building for the Stability and Security of the Digital Environment; and (4) Solutions for Safeguarding Development from Digital Risks and Threats – the conference seeks to bring together decision-makers from around the world to catalyze action on mainstreaming cybersecurity, resilience, and cyber capacity building (#CCB) within the international development agenda. It also aims to raise awareness of how cybersecurity and resilience are an integral part of digital, social, and economic development as well as critical to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals (#SDGs).

The first-annual GC3B is anticipated to:

• Develop a demand-driven and international Global Cyber Capacity Building Agenda for cyber resilient development;
• Enhance CCB efforts by accelerating current multi-stakeholder cooperation and public-private partnerships;
• Mobilize global action, promote coordination mechanisms for CCB at the global and regional levels, and encourage funding of CCB;
• Advance good practices and tools for the protection of critical infrastructure; and
• Showcase examples from developing countries, particularly across the Global South, that have effectively incorporated cybersecurity and resilience into their development strategies and infrastructure projects and successfully coordinated external CCB funding and activities.

For more information, please email

19 - 21 July 2022

Lilongwe and Online, Malawi

Africa Internet Governance Forum (AfIGF) 2022

The Eleventh Annual Meeting of the Africa Internet Governance Forum (AfIGF) will be hosted by the Government of Malawi under the overarching theme Internet for human resilience and solidarity. The programme was built around the four main thematic tracks: (1) Affordable and meaningful access; (2) Cybersecurity, privacy and personal data protection; (3) Digital skills & human capacity development; (4) Digital infrastructure.

The 2022 AFIGF will feature discussions on some of today’s most pressing Internet governance and digital policy issues. The programme includes over 52 sessions grouped into four main thematic tracks.

AfIGF is a platform for an inclusive multilateral, multi-stakeholder and multilingual discussion on issues pertinent to the Internet and its governance in Africa. First organised in 2011 the African Internet Governance Forum host the five (5) regional Internet Governance Forum initiatives regions of Africa.

28th October 2021


Webinar – Women in Cyber: A year later

14:00 - 15:30 CEST

ITU launched in 2021 the Women in Cyber Mentorship Programme (in collaboration with FIRST and EQUALS). The programme is an outcome of the CyberDrill 2020 Empowering Women in Cybersecurity webinar, where the need for role models and mentorship was identified as pivotal for increasing the number of women leaders in cybersecurity. Building upon ongoing efforts of ITU to close the digital gender divide by mainstreaming gender-focused activities, the programme engages role models and leaders in the field, and connects them with talented women worldwide.

The first edition of the programme was successfully implemented, and this session will bring together leaders in the field to assess the efficiency of capacity building programs for women in cybersecurity, the impact of mentorship, and explore new areas of action to improve women inclusion in the field, share testimonials and best practices, in a collective effort to devise the future of the programme and of the community for 2022 and beyond.

22 Apr, 2021

International Girls in ICT Day

​​International Girls in ICTs will be celebrating the 10th Anniversary this year. In this regard, ITU invites stakeholders to contribute to the celebration by organizing programs, trainings, and activities during the year.​

International Girls in ICT Day is an opportunity for girls and young women to see and experience ICTs in a new light encouraging them to consider a future in technology. Since 2011, over 377,000 girls and young women have taken part in more than 11,400 celebrations of International Girls in ICT Day in 171 countries worldwide.​

The Girls in ICT initiative of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) is a global effort to raise awareness on empowering and encouraging girls and young women to consider studies and careers in ICTs. The initiative is committed to celebrate and commemorate the International Girls in ICT Day on the fourth Thursday of every April as established by the ITU membership.

20 Apr, 2021

Online, Indonesia

SAFEnet and UK’s Get Safe Online Webinar: Tackling Online Gender Based Violence and Launch of Cybersecurity Website Get Safe Online Indonesia for Inclusive Internet

The new Get Safe Online Indonesia website – available in English and Indonesian Bahasa – will be officially launched during a webinar event hosted by the British Embassy in Jakarta. The webinar focuses on the projects undertaken by Indonesian NGO, SAFEnet Indonesia, and Get Safe Online together.

Online gender-based violence (OGBV) has been a global phenomenon since the beginning of the internet. Already a serious issue, the COVID-19 pandemic has made matters worse. UN Women have raised concerns of an exponential increase in gender-based violence, manifesting in different forms - including online and ICT-facilitated violence.

The British Embassy Jakarta through UK’s Digital Access Programme, working with SAFEnet and UK’s Get Safe Online (GSO), have been focusing on a project to address these increased risks providing the “Awas KBGO” initiative which aims to be the nation-wide information centre for Online Gender Based Violence issue (or KBGO) in the form of a simple interactive website, and produce learning modules/guidelines and versatile multimedia contents to distribute across digital platforms for public, education institution, and multi-stakeholder in the support systems.

You are invited to tune in to the event which will be streamed live via British Embassy Jakarta’s YouTube channel at this link: