The CyberPeace Institute is an independent and neutral non-governmental organization (NGO) operating globally, which strives to reduce the frequency, impact and scale of cyberattacks, to hold actors accountable for the harm they cause, and to assist vulnerable communities. The Institute works in close collaboration with partners to reduce the harms from cyberattacks on people’s lives worldwide, and provide assistance. By analyzing cyberattacks, it exposes their societal impact, how international laws and norms are being violated, and advances responsible behaviour to enforce cyber peace. To that end, they develop programs to support communities vulnerable to threats in cyberspace by monitoring, assessing and communicating on the cyber threats to these communities.

At the heart of the CyberPeace Institute’s efforts is the recognition that cyberspace is about people. They support providers of essential services to the most vulnerable members of society to enhance their resilience to cyberattacks., including NGOs. The Institute advocates for an evidence based and human centric approach to the analysis of cyberattacks as essential to the process of redress, repair and/or justice for victims. It works collaboratively in its research, analysis, assistance, mobilization and advocacy and engages with vulnerable communities to understand their needs for cybersecurity support and provides free and trusted cybersecurity assistance to vulnerable communities.

The CyberPeace Institute:
– Assists NGOs and other vulnerable communities to prepare for and recover from cyberattacks.
– Investigates cyberattacks targeting vulnerable communities, analyzing these attacks to provide alerts, support and for accountability.
– Advocates to advance the rule of law and respect for the rights of people.
– Anticipates threats to people associated with emerging and disruptive technologies.

Examples of operational activities include:
– Assisting humanitarian and other NGOs with free and trusted cybersecurity support and capacity building
– Analyzing cyberattacks and highlighting their impact on people and how they violate the rule of law
– Documenting violations of international laws and norms, advocating for strengthened legal protection in cyberspace
– Offering expertise and support, and building capacity of States and civil society in relation to responsible behaviour in cyberspace

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