Cyber Peace Labs

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Cybil code: G0593

Status: Ongoing

From: Mar 2020

Tags: COVID-19







Series of online events, accompanied with a series of blogposts, with 5 objectives:

  • To investigate how malicious actors are exploiting the COVID-19 Infodemic to launch cyberattacks against the healthcare sector and its wider supply chain;
  • To discuss and conceptualize an accountability framework which would allow for the ability to document details about these attacks including intent, modus operandi, and effect on civilian populations;
  • To deliver a set of best practices and actionable recommendations towards vulnerable populations, designed to improve their resilience;
  • To discuss the opportunities and risks linked to the multiplication of “cyber-volunteer” initiatives;
  • To analyze how the ecosystem of norms and regulations allows for ensuring accountability with respect to cyber operations, with a specific focus on attacks against the healthcare sector and first line emergency responders. To analyze if current norms are being enforced/if there is an appetite for norm enforcement.


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