Up-to-day Cyber Hygiene Techniques to Enhance Resilience of Energy Sector in Ukraine

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This project will provide cyber hygiene practices to employees of the energy sector in Ukraine.




The project’s purpose is to reduce cybersecurity vulnerabilities in 15 operators of critical infrastructure (CI) in energy sector of Ukraine by provision for their 20000 employees of e-learning courses using a cyber hygiene platform.


This program will be implemented in synergy with another project funded by USAID which is currently being implemented in Ukraine – the USAID Cybersecurity for Critical Infrastructure Activity in Ukraine (USAID Cybersecurity Activity). This project is implemented by DAI Global LLC (DAI) along with six implementing partners.


The project will be reducing vulnerabilities in 15 critical infrastructure energy sector operators and will be training cyber hygiene measures to their 20,000 employees.

In addition, the project design has a sustainable programmatic element that would allow key aspects of its to evolve and continue having an impact in Ukraine beyond the life of this program implementation period.



*Please note that this project in on hold due to the war in Ukraine (source: EU CyberNet CCB projects mapping) – CCB projects and MS CCB initiatives mapping – EU CyberNet

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