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7 - 9 December 2021


FIRST & AfricaCERT Virtual Symposium for the African and Arab Regions

This virtual symposium will be co-hosted by AfricaCERT and TunCERT.

Participants are expected to be comprised of global FIRST Member Teams and CSIRTs from the African and Arab regions. FIRST also expects to attract network operators, anti-abuse teams, and other security professionals from the African and Arab regions.

Program Agenda At-A-Glance

• December 7 | 11:00-18:15 UTC - Plenary Topics - Plenary Panel Discussions: Regional and International Initiatives, Frameworks and Related Standards, Open-source Tools and CSIRT Success Stories, Open Data (OSINT) and Threat Intelligence Sharing Platforms and Tools, Observed Malicious Cyber Criminality During COVID in the African and Arab Regions.
• December 8 – 11:00-15:00 UTC - Technical and Management Training Tracks - Training Opportunities: Open-source Tools for CSIRTs, MITRE ATT&CK Fundamentals, CSIRT Maturity Modeling, Protective DNS – Why It Matters and How to Deploy It On-prem. Designing and Running Cyber-exercises for CSIRTs.
• December 9 – 11:00-15:00 UTC - Technical and Management Training Tracks - Training Opportunities: Incident Response and Classification Workshop, MISP Fundamentals, National Cyber Crisis Management.

The event will be presented in English with French translation available during the plenary sessions on December 7.

20 Apr, 2021

Online, Indonesia

SAFEnet and UK’s Get Safe Online Webinar: Tackling Online Gender Based Violence and Launch of Cybersecurity Website Get Safe Online Indonesia for Inclusive Internet

The new Get Safe Online Indonesia website – available in English and Indonesian Bahasa – will be officially launched during a webinar event hosted by the British Embassy in Jakarta. The webinar focuses on the projects undertaken by Indonesian NGO, SAFEnet Indonesia, and Get Safe Online together.

Online gender-based violence (OGBV) has been a global phenomenon since the beginning of the internet. Already a serious issue, the COVID-19 pandemic has made matters worse. UN Women have raised concerns of an exponential increase in gender-based violence, manifesting in different forms - including online and ICT-facilitated violence.

The British Embassy Jakarta through UK’s Digital Access Programme, working with SAFEnet and UK’s Get Safe Online (GSO), have been focusing on a project to address these increased risks providing the “Awas KBGO” initiative which aims to be the nation-wide information centre for Online Gender Based Violence issue (or KBGO) in the form of a simple interactive website, and produce learning modules/guidelines and versatile multimedia contents to distribute across digital platforms for public, education institution, and multi-stakeholder in the support systems.

You are invited to tune in to the event which will be streamed live via British Embassy Jakarta’s YouTube channel at this link:

25 - 28 May, 2021

Tallinn, Estonia

CyCon 2021: Going Viral

CyCon 2021's central theme is Going Viral. It alludes to the implications of human crises (such as the 2020 pandemic) for cybersecurity and cyberspace. At a more abstract level, it aims to encourage discussions on the impact of fast proliferation and high unpredictability in cyberspace. Whether they concern old threats such as malware or new trends affecting cyberspace such as information campaigns, these phenomena have major real-life implications. We need to acknowledge those, study them and strive to use them for our common benefit.