SAFEnet and UK’s Get Safe Online Webinar: Tackling Online Gender Based Violence and Launch of Cybersecurity Website Get Safe Online Indonesia for Inclusive Internet

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The new Get Safe Online Indonesia website – available in English and Indonesian Bahasa – was officially launched on 20 April 2021 during a webinar event hosted by the British Embassy in Jakarta. The webinar focuses on the projects undertaken by Indonesian NGO, SAFEnet Indonesia, and Get Safe Online together.

Online gender-based violence (OGBV) has been a global phenomenon since the beginning of the internet. Already a serious issue, the COVID-19 pandemic has made matters worse. UN Women have raised concerns of an exponential increase in gender-based violence, manifesting in different forms – including online and ICT-facilitated violence.

The British Embassy Jakarta through UK’s Digital Access Programme, working with SAFEnet and UK’s Get Safe Online (GSO), have been focusing on a project to address these increased risks providing the “Awas KBGO” initiative which aims to be the nation-wide information centre for Online Gender Based Violence issue (or KBGO) in the form of a simple interactive website, and produce learning modules/guidelines and versatile multimedia contents to distribute across digital platforms for public, education institution, and multi-stakeholder in the support systems.