Recommendations for Public-Private Partnership against Cybercrime


Publication date: 2016

Author: Jean-Luc Vez


Cybercrime is now an ever-present element of society. It does not discriminate between individuals, entities or governments. Everyone – and everything – is at risk. The problem is exacerbated by the ease and speed of information-sharing among cyber-criminals for perpetrating crime, making it difficult for law enforcement and businesses to keep up. Standard law-enforcement practices are not enough any longer – tailor-made tools are needed. Most importantly, law enforcement and businesses must collaborate to address this pressing issue.

By embarking on this Cybercrime Project, which is a pillar of the Forum’s Future of the Internet Initiative, we have sought to gather together security, legal and industry experts – from both the public and the private sector – to help find a solution. In order to combat cybercrime in truly meaningful and effective ways, a unified approach is required. As an international organization for public-private partnership, the World Economic Forum provides a neutral platform for this range of actors to convene and deliberate and take joint action for tangible results.