Pre-University Cyber Security Education: A report on developing cyber skills amongst children and young people


Publication date: 2022

Author: Krysia Emily Waldock, Vince Miller, Shujun Li and Virginia N.L. Franqueira


This report provides results from a research project about cyber security education and skills development for children and young people (up to the age of 18) in a pre-university setting. The research work was commissioned by the Global Forum on Cyber Expertise (GFCE), as a recently identified priority of the GFCE’s Working Group D: Cyber Security Culture and Skills.

The research was conducted in three stages: a systematic literature review; desk research on gathering relevant public information on the internet; and a number of semi-structured interviews with sampled stakeholders. The results learned from the research led to a number of key findings and main recommendations, which we hope can help stakeholders around the globe to improve cyber security education in a pre-university setting.