Cyber Maturity in the Asia-Pacific Region (2015)


Publication date: 2015

Author: Liam Nevill, Tobias Feakin & Jessica Woodall


This report is the second edition of an annual report examining cyber maturity trends across the Asia–Pacific. It analyses the cyber maturity of 20 countries, which make up a wide geographical and economic cross-section of the region. To gain a more holistic picture of regional developments, this year’s maturity metric has expanded to incorporate five additional countries: Vietnam, Laos and Brunei in Southeast Asia, plus New Zealand and Fiji in the South Pacific. With these new additions, this study now assesses the entire Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) grouping and seven of the 10 ASEAN dialogue partners.

The report’s maturity metric integrates a stand-alone assessment category on cybercrime enforcement. This new cybercrime category joins continuing assessments of whole-of-government policy and legislative structures, military organisation, international engagement and CERT team maturity in addition to business and digital economic strength and levels of cyber social awareness. This information is distilled into an accessible format, using metrics to provide a snapshot by which government, business, and the public alike can garner an understanding of the cyber profile of regional actors.