The Global Cyber Expertise Magazine is a bi-annual magazine on global cyber policy developments and capacity building projects. The Magazine is jointly published by the African Union, the European Union, the Global Forum on Cyber Expertise and the Organization of American States.

In this edition, our cover story takes a look at trends in international cyber capacity building as the field continues to grow rapidly. Also under the global developments section, we celebrate the launch of the 2nd Edition of the ‘Guide to Developing a National Cybersecurity Strategy’ and learn about how the GFCE is strengthening its demand-driven approach.

From Asia and Pacific, we have an article on cybersecurity in the Pacific and the ASEAN-Japan Cyber Capacity Building Centre (AJCCBC) based in Bangkok. Also, find out more about how Australia is delivering cyber resilience and capacity building projects across Indo-Pacific through cooperation.

From Africa, read about the developments of the AU-GFCE project, an article on the new Network of African Women in Cybersecurity highlights the need to bridge the gender gap and another article introduces the Africa Cyber Capacity Building Coordination Committee.

From the Americas, learn about how the region is consolidating their view on cybersecurity through CBMs and why cybersecurity awareness is so important for the region. Through an interview, the US explains their CCB priorities and why they are providing support to the GFCE.

From Europe, Microsoft shares an overview of the European Cyber Agora as a platform for European multistakeholder discussions on cybersecurity policy. Additionally, we have an article on the role of universities in cyber capacity building.