Supporting to Ukraine’s cybersecurity agency with hardware

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Cybil code: G0889

Status: Finished

From: Oct 2022

To: Oct 2022






The German Federal Foreign Office has donated, as humanitarian aid for the energy sector of Ukraine, the Cybersecurity Hardware owned by the German Federal Foreign Office and requested by JSC Khmelnytskoblenergo for the purposes of supporting enterprises of the energy sector of Ukraine in providing energy services.



Building a high-performance, long-term ICT infrastructure to defend Ukrainian institutions (Governmental organizations, critical infrastructure etc.) against cyberattacks. Protecting secure data transmission and storage procedures.


On request for support through a letter to the Ambassador to the EU, Mr. Michael Clauss, Ukraine has been attacked in the RUS war of aggression not only in their territorial integrity but also in cyberspace. Russian Hacker groups are putting strong pressure on Ukrainian Cyberspace / ICT-Infrastructure. Critical infrastructure providers as well as state institutions and other entities remain prime targets for hacker groups. Those attacks negatively affect the overall stability and functionality of Ukrainian state institutions.

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