Support to Belize National Cyber Security Strategy


GFCE Code: G0020

Status: Finished

From: Apr 2018

To: Mar 2020




Belisario Contreras

The aim of this project was to support the Government of Belize in developing their first Nationl Cyber Security Strategy (NCSS).

At the beginning of the process, an NCSS development roadmap was developed by the Government with OAS/CICTE and GPD support. The roadmap included a holistic stakeholder engagement plan. Specific modalities for stakeholder engagement included:

  • The establishment of a multi-stakeholder NCSS task force, set up under the leadership on the Government’s National Security Council Secretariat and tasked with drafting the strategy. It comprised 15 different entities, ranging from governmental stakeholders and the private sector to civil society and academia. The Task Force held around ten different meetings during the process.
  • A capacity building training, aimed at increasing awareness and building capacity of civil society actors to engage more effectively in the NCSS development process.
  • Once a first draft was developed by the dedicated multi-stakeholder task force, an open online consultation was undertaken by the Government with the aim to gather stakeholder feedback on the text. The text of the first draft was published online on the Belize Crime Observatory Website. The draft was open for comments, suggestions and edits from stakeholders for three weeks. In addition to this, the government shared the strategy draft via email, inviting specific stakeholders to input.
  • A multi-stakeholder workshop aimed at presenting the NCSS draft and gathering input and feedback from stakeholders, as well as to kick off discussions around implementation of the strategy.

OAS/CICTE provided the Government of Belize with technical and strategy support to develop the NCSS with stakeholder engagement. GPD supported the process by developing and delivering a capacity building programme for civil society in Belize to increase their awareness and understanding of cyber policy issues and encourage their engagement in the NCSS development process. This process also demonstrated a mechanism where two implementers were able to use their resources complimentarily for the benefit of stakeholders and direct beneficiaries.

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