Strengthening Georgia’s Resilience to Disinformation and Cyber Threats

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Cybil code: G0733

Status: Finished

From: Nov 2020

To: Mar 2022

Tags: Gender Considerations







International Security Programme


This project aims to strengthen Georgia’s resilience to threats against democracy from disinformation, malign external influence and cyber-attacks. It will do so by increasing understandings of Georgia’s main cyber and disinformation vulnerabilities, in addition to developing an awareness of existing and future mitigation strategies affecting the cyber and information spheres. The project also endeavours to test and improve collaboration among key stakeholders. These goals will be achieved by designing and implementing a simulation exercise involving key actors, which will help develop recommendations for a multi-stakeholder response strategy to disinformation and cyberattacks. In this project, the Cyber Policy Portfolio at ISP will work in collaboration with Chatham House’s Russia Eurasia Programme and Digital Society Initiative to consider ‘whole-of-society’ approaches, cutting across issues to develop stronger resilience to disinformation and cyber threats.

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