This collaboration between Amazon Web Services (AWS) and the Organisation of American States is building a replicable and scalable mechanism to help countries design their roadmap to accelerate cybersecurity maturity step-by-step, following the CMM methodology.



After reviewing the regional cybersecurity maturity situation and the complex network of cybersecurity stakeholders, AWS proposes collaborating with the GS/OAS for the creation of the Cybersecurity Maturity Step-Up (CSMS) program with the main goal of building a replicable and scalable mechanism that helps countries design their roadmap to accelerate cybersecurity maturity step-by-step, following the CMM methodology and leveraging best practices from the international community, throughout strategic engagement with the existing public sector and cybersecurity renowned organizations.

The objectives of the cybersecurity Maturity Step-up Program are to

  • Increase security posture: Further position the GS/OAS as a leader in its efforts to accelerate cybersecurity maturity through a structured engagement and dialogue with public sector authorities.
  • Improve public-private cooperation on cybersecurity: Build trust amongst different stakeholders to move forward in further improving the state of cybersecurity in the LAC region through concerted and scalable national, regional, and international collaboration.
  • Foster cybersecurity policy development: Incentivize countries design of policy initiatives using international standards that will lead them to increase their level of cyber-resilience.
  • Influence the inclusion of Cloud within the CMM methodology: Raise the level of cloud specific attention such as: Cloud-first policy, cloud-specific international standards, use of cloud for cybersecurity purpose, technical education, procurement frameworks, etc.


The collaboration outcome will be a recommended roadmap into the next cybersecurity maturity CMM level for the country. AWS will develop the roadmap following the workshop and share with the GS/OAS for comment and approval prior to sharing with the country.


The GS/OAS will facilitate the contact between AWS and Member States agreed between GS/OAS and AWS for the implementation of the program.

The program consists of the following activities:

  • AWS will propose a program of cybersecurity maturity workshops in a group of countries with common interests.
  • AWS and the SG/OAS will develop 4 deliverables:
  • Comparative Gap Analysis – CMM 2016 and 2020
  • Optimization Analysis
  • Roundtable with Interested Parties
  • Production of a roadmap

In addition, project activities will include:

  • Initiatives to provide women in LAC tools to develop security talent, trainings
  • Mentoring
  • Technical support for CB initiatives in LAC
  • Webinars
  • White papers
  • Workshops
  • Communication campaigns through OAS channels


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