The project aims to contribute to a cybersecurity in the Western Balkans that not only protects the Western Balkan economies and its European neighbours but is also more responsive to the security needs of all its citizens.

To achieve this goal, the project will support cybersecurity policy making in Western Balkan economies that is more inclusive and collaborative. In regional and national exchanges, concrete opportunities for more cooperation amongst the six economies and multistakeholder collaboration at national level will be discussed. To contribute to informed national and regional cybersecurity policy discussions, a network of researchers will be established. Their research will in particular highlight issues around gender and cybersecurity and the cybersecurity needs of vulnerable groups and– topics so far absent from national discussions. (Outcome I)

Of equal importance are the capacity of public cybersecurity institutions in Western Balkan economies to mitigate cybersecurity threats. The project will contribute to this outcome by supporting national institutions in charge of training public sector staff and national CERTs in establishing strategic plans on increasing the cyber hygiene of general public, critical infrastructure and public sector staff. By developing capacity building plans for CERT-like structures working on securing these key ministries capacity of these structures to protect ministerial networks is improved. The development of capacity building plans and training of staff for selected national CERTs from Western Balkan economies will alow them to better protect their national networks. (Outcome II)

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