The Bahamas National Cybersecurity Project provides support to a national capacity assessment, the creation a national Computer Incident Response Team (CIRT) and national cybersecurity strategy development.



The aim of the project is to help assess current Bahamian cybersecurity capabilities, as well as develop its National Cybersecurity Strategy and provide assistance to the creation of a national CIRT.


The Bahamas launched the project with ITU to set up a national CIRT to help protect the small island country’s critical digital infrastructure and data. The government’s recent decision to digitize more than 200 public administration services over the next five years has heightened the country’s need for a well-equipped cybersecurity team that can identify, defend, manage, and respond to cyber threats.

The national CIRT will support the government in building national cybersecurity expertise, closing human resource gaps, and supporting the elaboration of a cybersecurity framework and policies.

The project started in October 2020 with several coordination and activities, and in February 2020 was officially launched at the national level.


The outputs of the project will include National CIRT Readiness Assessment and Cybersecurity Capacity Maturity Model assessment reports; a national cybersecurity strategy; and a national CIRT.


Activities under the project will include:

  • a National CIRT Readiness Assessment;
  • a Cybersecurity Capacity Maturity Model assessment;
  • support to the drafting of a National Cybersecurity Strategy and Action Plan;
  • and all necessary capacity building, designing, development, enhancement, and all service
  • upgrades to deploy and activate the national CIRT.

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