CMM Review the Bahamas (as part of the Bahamas National Cybersecurity Project)

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In collaboration with the international Telecommunication Union (UTC), the Global Cyber Security Capacity Centre (GCSCC) undertook a review of the maturity of cybersecurity capacity in The Bahamas in 2021-22.



The objective of the review was to enable The Bahamas to gain an understanding of its cybersecurity capacity in order to develop an investment strategy for the development of its cybersecurity capacity.


The Cybersecurity Capacity Maturity Model (CMM), which was last revised in 2021, considers cybersecurity maturity to comprise five dimensions which together constitute a wide breadth of national capacity that a country requires to be effective in delivering cybersecurity resilience. Dimension 1 looks at the country’s ability to develop and implement cybersecurity policies and strategy. Dimension 2 looks at culture and societal elements that affect public understanding and their ability to protect themselves in the cyberspace. Dimension 3 looks at the initiatives by different stakeholders in driving cybersecurity awareness among users. Dimension 4 looks at the capacity of countries to prosecute cybercrime; and Dimension 5 looks at the availability of protective technologies and standards.

The CMM was funded by The Bahamas and conducted in a collaboration between the ITU and the Global Cyber Security Capacity Centre (GCSCC).


The main output of the project will be a CMM report for the government of The Bahamas.


Because of the global pandemic, all activities were developed in online format, questionnaires, workshops, interviews, and the participation of main national stakeholders.

The national focal point and coordinator of the CMM Assessment was the Department of Transformation and Digitization.

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