Development of the National Cybersecurity Strategy and Action Plan for Sao Tome and Principe

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Cybil code: G0942

Status: Finished

From: May 2023

To: Mar 2024





NRD Cyber Security


The Government of Sao Tome and Principe (the Government) supported by the World Bank is undertaking an investment program under the Digital Sao Tome and Principe (STP) project to strengthen its ICT sector. This will include investment in telecommunications infrastructure, foundational digital government platforms, cybersecurity, and improvement of connectivity to schools. Alongside this project, the World Bank is also providing funding from the World Bank Cybersecurity Trust Fund to help support the development of cybersecurity capacity in the country, and prepare it for the investment in cybersecurity that is included under the project scope.



The objective of the assignment is to support the Government in developing the National Cybersecurity Strategy and Action Plan for STP, and facilitate the consultation with stakeholders across Government, civil society and the private sector to develop a holistic whole-of-government strategy that establishes a medium term view of the immediate priorities for STP to focus on building its cybersecurity capacity. The accompanying Action Plan must translate these priorities into a phased, costed approach that is fit-for-purpose for a small country with limited capacity such as STP.


Currently, the Government’s cybersecurity capacity is nascent, with no national legislation or strategy for cybersecurity in place. This project focuses on developing a national cybersecurity strategy and action plan.


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