Contribution to the Legal Sector Programme 2019 – 2023

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Cybil code: G0912

Status: Finished

From: Nov 2019

To: Nov 2023




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Austrian Development Agency (ADA)

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In line with plans of the Royal Government of Bhutan (RGoB), the partnership with Austrian Development Agency (ADA), contributes towards a just, harmonious and sustainable society and to provide more accessible, inclusive, accountable, responsive and quality justice services in Bhutan.



The programme is structured along three outcomes:

Outcome 1: Justice service providers are competent and motivated;

Outcome 2: Justice services are accessible and inclusive;

Outcome 3: Infrastructure is adequate to deliver justice services more efficiently.


Key activities and objectives under the programme:

  • Strengthen capacity of and promote exchange of knowledge and expertise among justice sector officials through targeted training and institutional linkages.
  • Training of 600 local government officials on mediation and alternative dispute resolution.
  • Strengthen the legal aid system of the Bar Council through developing a sustainable revenue system and standard operating procedure for pro bono legal aid services.
  • Construction of an accessible and earthquake-safe district court which is adapted to the special needs of children and victims of gender-based violence.
  • Set up of a fully-equipped forensic laboratory and adequate training of staff to use and maintain instruments.


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