Advancing Cyber Resilience

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Cybil code: G0246

Status: Finished

From: Jan 2015

To: Dec 2016

Target audience: Private Sector, Government






Thematic focus

Cyber Resilience


To support companies, organisations and governments in implementing tools and entering into partnerships in order to effectively integrate cyber resilience into business and national strategy.


  • Create a network of board members and senior executives who are activated on the cyber strategy topic and who will spur adoption of the Forum’s Cyber Principles and Tools for Boards;
  • Develop a system to iterate the Forum’s principles and tools as well as collect case studies around successful cyber resilience strategies;
  • Adapt the validated tools for leaders for application to the public sector and governments;
  • Initiate public-private dialogue on the topics of state action in cyber and agreed liability thresholds, among others;
  • Develop a process for sustained dialogue between boards/executive teams and policymakers along with well-defined roles for actors in both the public and private sectors (e.g., around critical infrastructure or liability thresholds);
  • Foster collaboration with the insurance industry and government leaders to normalize and help mitigate cyber risk.


Workshops held around the world in 2016 for World Economic Forum members and invitees.

Outcome / impact

Quantitative risk models to aid in differentiating types of risks, industries and technology affected
Strategic risk framework for strategic decision makers

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