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25 Oct, 2020

Nice, France

The Fifth International Conference on Cyber-Technologies and Cyber-Systems CYBER 2020

Onsite and Online Options: In order to accommodate a large number of situations, we are offering the option for either physical presence or virtual participation.

The increased size and complexity of the communications and the networking infrastructures are making it difficult the investigation of the resiliency, security assessment, safety and crimes. Mobility, anonymity, counterfeiting, are characteristics that add more complexity in Internet of Things and Cloud-based solutions. Cyber-physical systems exhibit a strong link between the computational and physical elements. Techniques for cyber resilience, cyber security, protecting the cyber infrastructure, cyber forensic and cyber crimes have been developed and deployed. Some of new solutions are nature-inspired and social-inspired leading to self-secure and self-defending systems. Despite the achievements, security and privacy, disaster management, social forensics, and anomalies/crimes detection are challenges within cyber-systems.

CYBER 2020, The Fifth International Conference on Advances in Cyber-Technologies and Cyber-Systems, continues the inaugural event covering many aspects related to cyber-systems and cyber-technologies considering the issues mentioned above and potential solutions. It is also intended to illustrate appropriate current academic and industry cyber-system projects, prototypes, and deployed products and services.

We solicit both academic, research, and industrial contributions. We welcome technical papers presenting research and practical results, position papers addressing the pros and cons of specific proposals, such as those being discussed in the standard fora or in industry consortia, survey papers addressing the key problems and solutions on any of the above topics short papers on work in progress, and panel proposals.

Industrial presentations are not subject to the format and content constraints of regular submissions. We expect short and long presentations that express industrial position and status.

Tutorials on specific related topics and panels on challenging areas are encouraged.

The topics suggested by the conference can be discussed in term of concepts, state of the art, research, standards, implementations, running experiments, applications, and industrial case studies. Authors are invited to submit complete unpublished papers, which are not under review in any other conference or journal in the following, but not limited to, topic areas.

All topics and submission formats are open to both research and industry contributions.

1 Nov, 2020


Internet Governance Forum 2020


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the fifteenth meeting of the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) will be held online. The IGF Multistakeholder Advisory Group (MAG) together with the IGF Secretariat and UN DESA have begun preparations and consultations on how best to carry out this virtual IGF annual meeting. We will keep you updated on the progress. The Government of Poland will now host the IGF 2021 Annual Meeting in Katowice in the 4th quarter of next year and the Governments of Ethiopia and Japan will be hosting the IGF annual meetings in 2022 and 2023, respectively, pending organizational arrangement.

In view of the COVID-19 situation, the IGF Secretariat will host the IGF 2020 Second Open Consultations and MAG meeting online from 15 - 19 June 2020.

2 Nov, 2020

Katowice, Poland

GIGAnet Forum

GigaNet – the Global Internet Governance Academic Network – is now accepting extended abstracts for papers to be presented at its annual symposium. As of now, GigaNet 2020 is planned to be held alongside the United Nations Internet Governance Forum (IGF) in Katowice, Poland. We expect our symposium to take place on “Day 0” of the IGF, which is Monday, 2 November.

Papers on any Internet/data governance-related topic are welcome. Multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches are encouraged. There will be the possibility of a focused subset of accepted papers to be fast-tracked for publication in a relevant journal.

4 Nov, 2020


Falling Walls Remote 2020: The Breakthroughs of the Year

As much as the Covid-19 crisis restricts personal gatherings in 2020, it opens up a new opportunity for Falling Walls to overcome the limitations of a traditional conference through innovative, open and engaging digital formats (Never waste a crisis!). This year, we will shift from a series of meetings and one conference with a limited number of speakers and topics to a global showcase that gathers, celebrates and discusses a much broader set of the most recent breakthroughs in science and society – The Falling Walls Breakthroughs of the Year. We also want to contribute to the post-corona agenda through dedicated sessions. This year, we will not be taking all of your time for a couple of days, including travel, but rather share thrilling research for a few minutes per day over several weeks, with a global digital meeting on 9 November.

5 Nov, 2020

Cape Town, South Africa

ICCS 2020: 14. International Conference on Cybersecurity Strategy

ICCS 2020: 14. International Conference on Cybersecurity Strategy aims to bring together leading academic scientists, researchers and research scholars to exchange and share their experiences and research results on all aspects of Cybersecurity Strategy. It also provides a premier interdisciplinary platform for researchers, practitioners and educators to present and discuss the most recent innovations, trends, and concerns as well as practical challenges encountered and solutions adopted in the fields of Cybersecurity Strategy

11 Nov, 2020

Paris, France

Paris Peace Forum

The Paris Peace Forum – the international event convening all actors of global governance – returns for a third edition from 11 to 13 November 2020 at la Grande Halle de La Villette. In the face of increasing global challenges and persistent threats to multilateralism, the Paris Peace Forum continues to act as a convening power to bring together all committed actors and as an incubator to help advance concrete solutions for better global governance.

Financing the climate transition, securing cyberspace, supporting development through culture, redefining public access to information, advancing measures of space governance - don't miss the third edition of the Paris Peace Forum surrounding the major challenges of global governance.

15 Nov, 2020

Montreal, Canada

FIRST Conference


16 Nov, 2020

Atlanta, United States (US)

NICE Conference and Expo

The annual NICE Conference and Expo brings together thought leaders from industry, government, academia, and non-profit organizations to address the community's cybersecurity education, training, and workforce needs. This event provides an opportunity to share best practices from around the world and across sectors in order to build the workforce we need to confront cybersecurity risks today and in years to come.

This year’s conference, hosted by Florida International University and New America will host over 30 presentations, 40 professional exhibitors, and a projected 800+ attendees.

18 Nov, 2020

Rennes, France

European Interdisciplinary Cybersecurity Conference

he European Interdisciplinary Cybersecurity Conference – EICC 2020 aims at establishing a venue for the exchange of information on cybersecurity and its many aspects between academics and practitioners in Europe. EICC was formerly known as the Central European Cybersecurity Conference – CECC and has been rebranded to underscore the interdisciplinarity of the conference and broaden its reach. EICC 2020 encourages the dialogue between computer scientists and researchers in all other fields related to cybersecurity, such as behavioral sciences, sociology, criminology, investigations and law. Interdisciplinary contributions are especially welcome.

3 Dec, 2020


EAI AFRICOMM – 12th EAI International Conference on e‐Infrastructure and e‐Services for Developing Countries