Global Prosecutors e-Crime Network (GPEN)

The Global Prosecutors E-Crime Network (GPEN) was launched in 2008 with the aim of assisting all countries to establish a safe and secure online environment for users, by ensuring that prosecutors have the tools to deal effectively with cyber-crime. Under the umbrella of the International Association of Prosecutors (IAP) GPEN aims to:

  • Enhance international cooperation in the e-crime arena which will be of benefit to all member countries;
  • Improve the exchange of information, reducing duplication and significantly raising analytical and prosecuting capacity across national borders;
  • Enable all jurisdictions to develop a coordinated approach for dealing with e-crime that supports effective prosecutions and promotes the Cybercrime Convention. The proposed network will not compete with the 24/7 protocol or normal mutual legal assistance. E-crime specialists nominated as a country’s point of contact will be responsible for any necessary domestic liaison;
  • Provide a global training forum with resources and expertise from around the world. The training of prosecutors to prosecute e-crime cases is a priority area for international efforts against cybercrime. The network will develop appropriate training courses to train prosecutors who will be able to train their colleagues; and
  • Enable prosecutors around the globe to exchange crucial information and data quickly and efficiently.