[WebDebate #50] Training cyber diplomats: Tools, gaps, and opportunities

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Diplomats need to be ready to address digital topics adequately and to harness the challenges and opportunities brought about by digitalisation and emerging digital technologies. Whether we are talking about security, commerce, health, or human rights, digitalisation and new digital technologies play an increasing role.

Training and capacity development are crucial tools for preparing diplomats for these exciting and challenging new topics. What capacity development opportunities exist, and what gaps remain?

One of the main findings in Diplo’s study titled Improving the Practice of Cyber Diplomacy is that cyber diplomats are often unaware of the many capacity development training and tools which exist.

It does seem counterintuitive that in this age of instantaneous and widespread communication possibilities, lack of awareness is one of the major barriers in the take-up and use of training and tools. So how did this come about?

Using the findings from Diplo’s study as a backdrop, during our discussion we will take a closer look at:

  • Existing training and tools to support the practice of cyber diplomacy
  • How challenges in cyber capacity development compare to challenges in other areas of diplomatic practice
  • Emerging issues which cyber diplomacy training and tools need to tackle