GFCE Research Webinar Series #1: Launch of the “Putting Cyber Norms in Practice” Report

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As part of its Research Webinar Series, the GFCE launched the report “Putting Cyber Norms in Practice: Implementing the UN GGE 2015 recommendations through national strategies and policies” on 27 January 2022. ​The report was written by Mika Kerttunen and Eneken Tikk, and was commissioned through the GFCE Global CCB Research Agenda mechanism. ​The report can be found on the Cybil Portal: https://cybilportal.org/publications/putting-cyber-norms-in-practice/

The webinar featured a presentation of findings, a panel discussion as well as a Q&A with the audience. Speakers include:

  • Kathryn Jones, Head of International Cyber Governance at the UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO)
  • Eneken Tikk, Author of the Report and Executive Producer at Cyber Policy Institute
  • Mika Kerttunen, Author of the Report and Director of Studies at Cyber Policy Institute
  • Benjamin Ang, Senior Fellow and Deputy Head of the Centre of Excellence for National Security (CENS) at RSIS Singapore
  • Moliehi Makumane, Researcher at UNIDIR Security and Technology Programme
  • Helio Sant’Ana, International Affairs Advisor at the President’s Office, Brazil