Cybersecurity Survival Guide


Publication date: 2019

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This guide is divided into the following modules:

Module 1: Cybersecurity Foundation explains the nature and scope of today’s cybersecurity challenges. This module explores the cybersecurity landscape, cyberthreats, malware and spamming, and Wi-Fi and advanced threats.

Module 2: Cybersecurity Gateway explains networking concepts, fundamentals, and technologies. This module explores the basic operation of computer networks; common networking devices; routed and routing protocols; network types and topologies; DNS; physical, logical, and virtual addressing; IP addressing and subnetting; the OSI and TCP/IP models;network security models, cloud and data center security, network security technologies, cloud computing, virtualization, and storage technologies; and network operations fundamentals.

Module 3: Cybersecurity Essentials presents detailed information about next-generation cybersecurity solutions available from Palo Alto Networks. This module demonstrates the realworld application of the cybersecurity design best practices and principles presented in Module 2, to address the cybersecurity landscape and threat challenges described in Module 1.