National Cybersecurity Strategies: Lessons Learned and Reflections from The Americas and Other Regions


Publication date: 2022


Themes & Topics

The authors of this paper aim to address this challenge by offering information on the possible approaches to policymakers working on the development, implementation, and review of NCSs in the Americas. We include descriptions of different possible approaches and considerations, illustrated through examples from some OAS member states and other globally relevant resources, for developing an NCS and addressing cybersecurity threats. Developing and implementing an NCS is a mammoth task, but assessment tools and guides are available to support a holistic and sustainable effort.

This document is structured in five parts that address the key considerations relevant for the process of NCS development, implementation, and review.

The development of the document is built on desk-based research by the authors and contributing authors as well as interviews with OAS member states; it encapsulates the experiences of the work of the OAS and GPD in the region on this topic.

The development of this document was made possible with support from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands and Global Affairs Canada.