The Western Balkans Media, Cyber and Defence (MCD) CSSF Programme aims to improve the stability of the region. It does this by strengthening critical resilience , including:  the sustainability of independent media, countering disinformation, strengthening cyber resilience and the ability to resist a cyber-attack, defence engagement, and supporting reforms.



The Programme has four main pillars which are aligned to priority drivers of instability in the region. These pillars are:

1. Media Freedom and Strategic Communications which covers strengthening independent media, contributing to a free and more pluralistic media environment in the Western Balkans, supporting media organisations to help citizens hold government to account, and strengthening the capability of governments to communicate transparently and accountability;

2. Countering Disinformation which includes developing a better understanding of deliberately inaccurate media reporting in the Western Balkans, and tracking, evidencing and exposing malign activity;

3. Cyber Security and Resilience is a key issue as the Western Balkans is susceptible to a range of disruptive cyber activity, as well as cyber-enabled activity. Our work on cyber security focuses on capacity building to help governments across the region develop a stronger national cyber security capacity and an improved ability for the state to identify quickly, respond to and resist cyber-attacks; and

4. Defence Engagement, which includes supporting international peacekeeping operations in the region, developing the capacity and resilience of Western Balkans Armed Forces, encouraging greater transparency and accountability in line with NATO standards.

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