Strenthening the Information Security in Serbia

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Cybil code: G0974

Status: Finished

From: Feb 2020

To: Oct 2023







The Kingdom of Norway, through the programme “Norway for you – Serbia” supported the strengthening of information security of the Government of the Republic of Serbia, through the procurement of a platform for national cyber drills. The platform serves to hold cyber exercises, enables the real situation of different attack scenarios, and contributes to capacity building and training of officials in various state institutions.



The aim of the project is to increase Serbia’s cybersecurity and preparedness against cyber-attacks through a platform for cyber drills created conditions for organising national cyber drills and technical exercises, which contribute to strengthening the skills of employees of Serbian institutions.


Cybersecurity equipment and virtual platform for cybersecurity technical exercises and cyber drills


After a completed training, each trainee is expected to be well equipped with skills and knowledge needed to enable them to properly react in case of such types of attacks, as well as to make necessary steps to reduce the cyber attack consequences, should the attackers still manage to penetrate the information system of any given state institution.


Technical trainings and cyber drills

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