Strengthening the Work of the CBM 8 PoC Crisis Communication Network

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Cybil code: G0626

Status: Finished

From: Nov 2018

To: Nov 2020





Velimir Radicevic


The objective of the project is to promote the operationalization of the CBM 8 network of policy and technical Points of Contact (PoCs) by enhancing its functioning, both as a crisis communication network, and as a platform for co-operation. In order to accomplish this objective, the project will focus on strengthening the network’s functioning in three ways:

1) Increasing confidence, interactions and co-operation between PoCs through two annual cyber/ICT security expert meetings.

2) Enhancing transparency between non-like-minded States through a series of bilateral country visits for PoCs, in line with previous OSCE Confidence- and Security-Building Measures (CSBMs) good practices.

3) Improving the quality and relevance of the crisis communication mechanism by increasing the frequency and scope of Communication Checks (CommChecks) with PoCs.

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