International Program on Cyber Security Studies (iPCSS)

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The Marshall Center’s iPCSS provides senior government officials with the professional knowledge and capabilities to deal with transnational cyber security challenges. The program is tailored for senior officials responsible for developing or influencing cyber legislation, policies, or practices.

iPCSS contributes to U.S. and German international efforts to work with partner countries and provides education and training so they may build, manage, and sustain comprehensive whole-of-society cyber security programs. iPCSS provides participants with transnational cyber skills while preparing individuals for positions as senior-level cyber security leaders throughout government.



iPCSS Builds Partner Capacity and is Designed to:

  • Build and incorporate improved whole-of-government approaches for developing cyber defense and security strategies and policies;
  • Provide a flexible and proactive capability that can respond to emerging cyber security requirements while providing education and training for cyber security professional development.
  • Build and strengthen a global network of governmental cyber security experts and practitioners committed to efforts against transnational cyber threats and challenges, terrorist organizations and combating transnational organized cyber crime;
  • Enable collective approaches and enhance concepts of cyber due diligence;
  • Enhance regional and global information sharing to include sharing of best practices;
  • Develop public-private partnership information-sharing proposals for addressing asymmetric threats from non-state actors;
  • Shape global standards and encourage use of best practices for cyber security;
  • Build cyber security capabilities and capacities of partner nations to disrupt and investigate cyber threats;

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