Strengthening Cyber Security Capacity and Awareness in the Indo-Pacific Region: Australia-Myanmar Cooperation

The aim of the program is to strengthen Myanmar’s cyber security capacity and raise cyber security awareness among government officials, IT practitioners and students at the five leading computer science universities. This is achieved through the following objectives:Improve the legal environment in Myanmar against cybercrime: Build awareness of the shortcomings and then strengthen Myanmar’s cybersecurity legal and regulatory environment, similar to that of the Council of Europe Convention on Cybercrime.

  • Strengthen the capacity of MMCERT and its current and future staff: Partner with the Myanmar National Cyber Security Centre to provide training to strengthen Myanmar future IT personnel’s knowledge and capacity in the governance and ethics of cyperspace and design, and build robust cyber security systems and practices.
  • Raise cyber security awareness (CyberBayKin): Development of cyber security and safety awareness by raising the general public’s cyber security and safety awareness, the business environment and economic growth will be improved; cybercrime and cyber fraud will be reduced. Greater awareness of the role of the internet in spreading misinformation and hate speech may contribute to a safer environment for ethnic and religious minorities. it will also contribute to the development of e-government and e-commerce in Myanmar.
  • The potential impact of this project is that cybersecurity in Myanmar will continue to strengthen over time.

Detailed Project description

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Academic paper: Building cyber security awareness in a developing country: Lessons from Myanmar

(all accessed 28 July 2020)

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