Target groups:

Governments, policy makers, parliamentarians (e.g. SADC Parliament Forum), RECs, private sector, civil society, academia, etc.

Thematic focus:

ICT-related security issues, legislation, awareness

Aims / objectives:

To support capacity of decision makers and others stakeholders:

  • To ensure better policy and strategy ownership and effective implementation of cyber security policies
  • To support awareness raising, evidence based policy process and capacity building activities
  • To build a critical mass of ICT skills able to harness the potential of ICT for social and economic development
  • To enjoy the benefits of ICTs in a safe and secure environment


  • Regional workshops and training courses (Crackers/Hackers, Telephones and Computer Attacks, CCTLD, cybersecurity Policy etc.)
  • Hosting the African IGF Secretariat and organization if African Internet Governance Forums (in cooperation with the AUC and other partners)
  • Web-portal and online discussion
  • Briefing papers and publications on cyber security
  • African Cyber Security Strategy programme in Kenya to strengthen member States’ capacities to meet policy, legislative, regulatory and infrastructure requirements

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