This project involves services provided by NRD Cyber Security to develop a CTI service model and create a threat landscape for the Regional Cyber Defence Centre under the auspices of the National Cyber Security Centre of Lithuania.



The overall objective of the project is:

  • To contribute to the development of RCDC activities by creating a report on the description of RCDC’s Cyber Threat Intelligence Service (CTIS).
  • To contribute to the development of RCDC activities by developing a study on cybersecurity threat landscape in energy and financial sectors in Lithuania.

The aim is to strengthen RCDC CTI activities by providing coherent, holistic, strategic and an actionable approach for the development of the CTI service and providing a comprehensive understanding of the threat landscape. It is expected that this intervention will result into several key outcomes for RCDC.


The Regional Cyber Defence Centre (RCDC) is a Centre for engagement developed by the the Ministry of National Defence of the Republic of Lithuania. It initiates international exchange among experts surrounding best practices among partner states for cyber threat recognition, cyber security breaches and incident management.


The study on cyber threats analysed in detail, based on specific examples, covers the cyber threats to critical energy infrastructure and financial sector, the technical barriers to analyse the cyber security threats it faces, and recommendations on how to reduce those threats. The result of the study is useful in the further activities of RCDC.

Further, services by NRD Cyber Security have:

  • Enhanced understanding of the RCDC mandate and responsibilities in the field of CTI.
  • Identified and described key processes for RCDC CTI service.
  • Raised awareness for partners and wider public on the main principles and values of RCDC’s CTI service model.


  • NRD Cyber Security conducted to a study on the cybersecurity threat landscape in the energy and financial sector of Lithuania and thereby contributed to the development of RCDC activities by producing a report on the RCDC’s Cyber Threat Intelligence Service (CTIS).

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