The Critical Infrastructure Digitalization and Resilience (CIDR) program is a five-year regional program managed by DAI for the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)’s Bureau for Europe and Eurasia. CIDR assists partner governments and in-country organizations to work with key stakeholders and experts to assess cybersecurity gaps and priorities, make recommendations, and map courses of action to improve the cybersecurity of critical infrastructure and key institutions.



CIDR aims to help the region raise the quality of its cybersecurity through these country-led programs so that critical infrastructure is defended and resilient and can continue to provide citizens with essential services.


  • Organize and facilitate regular meetings of country-led critical infrastructure cybersecurity working groups, which are comprised of stakeholders from government, critical infrastructure, the private sector, and academia.
  • Facilitate analysis of national cybersecurity needs and options with working group members and other stakeholders so the group can make well-informed recommendations to decision makers.
  • Consult government bodies and other institutions on the regulations, policies, and practices required to establish and maintain EU-standard cybersecurity.
  • Assist critical infrastructure entities to incorporate cybersecurity best practices into their planning and operations and prioritize needed investment.
  • Engage universities, training institutes, and critical infrastructure employers on ways to address the supply of and demand for trained cybersecurity workers, including through CIDR’s Cyber Pathways for Women initiatives.
  • Promote U.S. and European investment in CIDR’s focus countries to ensure high-quality and enduring cybersecurity.
  • Coordinate and support activities as part of USAID’s U.S.-Europe Energy Bridge program.

Additional contact information

North Macedonia contacts

Anita Nikova Bundovski – CIDR Country Director

Margarate Lipkovska Atanasov – USAID

Lijana Ristovska – FCDO

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