Public Sector Critical Information Infrastructures (CIIs) Cybersecurity Assessment and CIIs Protection Roadmap for Mongolia (utilizing a Risk Management Framework)

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Cybil code: G0945

Status: Ongoing

From: Mar 2023

To: May 2024







NRD Cyber Security


The NRD Cyber Security was contracted by The World Bank to conduct an assessment study and suggest public sector roadmap for cybersecurity of CIIs, utilizing a lifecycle-based Risk Management Framework (RMF) as well as to deliver Risk management of CIIs knowledge sharing workshops.



Protection of CIIs is vital for Mongolia as their incapacitation or destruction would have a devastating impact on national security and on the economic and social well-being of citizens. Risk management approaches play a fundamental role in the protection of CIIs and GoM’s National Cybersecurity Strategy has rightly identified the need to institute such policies and practices.


To aid the GoM in fulfilling the mandate of its cybersecurity law and realize the vision laid out for the use of risk assessment and risk management of CIIs in its National Cybersecurity Strategy, the NRD Cyber Security will :

1- Conduct risk assessment, prevention, and mitigation of CIIs, while utilizing a lifecycle-based Risk Management Framework (RMF) and assess Ministry of Digital Development and Communications (MDDC) capacity to manage cyber risks in public sector CIIs in Mongolia.

2- Identify cybersecurity gaps.

3- Develop a roadmap to address CII’s risk management gaps and achieve the CIIs risk management-related objectives and indicators laid out in the National Cybersecurity Strategy (NCS). The roadmap will suggest a national workplan for MDDC to employ risk management for protection of CIIs.

At the end of the project, Risk management of CIIs knowledge sharing workshop for senior leadership and working-level staff at the Government of Mongolia will also be organised.

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