National cybersecurity strategy communications campaign – Helping Nigerians understand what the national strategy means for them

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This project is part of the United Kingdom Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) commitment to build national cyber security capacity and resilience to cybersecurity threats in five middle-income countries. The UK Government’s Digital Access Programme provides support through: Government-to-Government technical assistance; cyber hygiene training; public awareness-raising; and research. It aims to reduce the impact of cyber harms on their governments, economies and citizens – particularly amongst groups vulnerable to online exploitation.



To increase awareness of Nigeria’s Office of the National Security Adviser’s (ONSA’s) updated National Cybersecurity Policy and Strategy (NCPS).


Once the national strategy had been updated it was imperative to communicate this widely in order for all sections of society to understand and act to reduce there risk of cyber harm.


The campaign reached over 20 million people, 10% of the Nigerian population. 92% of those surveyed believed that they could protect themselves better online as a result. Audiences across Nigeria understood the need for cyber security and were taking steps to protect themselves online. Further, ONSA has the skills and knowledge to deliver future multi-channel strategy communication campaigns. This can be used to deliver a national programme for cybersecurity awareness raising.


  • Development of a communications campaign, supported by a UK-based strategic communications agency – Thrive Online. This was a national awareness raising campaign, advising citizens how to better protect themselves online.


  • A multi-channel communications campaign to raise awareness of the Nigerian cybersecurity strategy.
  • Supported ONSA to deliver future strategic communications campaigns of its own via support to the ONSA communications team to ensure they could maintain the campaign momentum.
  • Populated a website with advice guides and supporting articles
  • Drove traffic to the website through an extensive programme of Facebook Thrive Online account activity and radio adverts


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